How does the available IR Remote for the 1080p Villain camera operate?

These instructions are provided to help you get the maximum benefit from your IR remote control (sold separately, for the 1080p Villain camera only).
Operating the Camera Using the Remote
The camera must first be turned on using the on/off button on the camera.
NOTE: The IR remote operates the camera only by line-of-sight. That is, the end of the remote with the red window must be pointed at the camera with no obstructions.
·        Use the dark gray button to start and stop video recording.
·        Use the light gray button to take a photo.
·        Use the red button to turn off the camera.
Included in this remote is a CR2032 Lithium battery which is required for proper functioning. When the battery’s power is depleted, it will be necessary to replace it following the instructions below.
Replacing the Battery 
Use a coin or similar implement to open the battery compartment on the back of the remote. Replace the battery only with a CR2032 Lithium battery. Be sure to secure the battery compartment cover after replacing the battery.