How do I get my 1080p, Villain, 1080p+, HD plus camera out of the waterproof case?

Opening the water case

  • Locate the small black sliding button with the arrow next to it and slide it in the direction the arrow is pointing.
  • While holding the sliding button in the direction of the arrow, lift the smaller black side, then the larger side that holds the two parts of the water case together.
  • Swing the back of the case downward exposing the back side of the camera.
  • Remove the camera by completely opening the back of the case and, grasping the front of the case, use gravity to let the camera fall from the case into your other hand. Because the case is designed to snugly fit the camera, some coaxing with your fingers may be required.


Reinserting the camera into the water case

  • Wipe the rubber seal to ensure there is no foreign debris that may jeopardize the seal and cause leakage.
  • Making sure the camera’s buttons are on the same side as the buttons on the case, slide the camera in.
  • Close the back of the case and fold the large black tab down to secure the back of the case.
  • Fold down the smaller side down. Slide the little button in the direction of the arrow until you hear a click and the tab is completely flat against the case.


When mounting the water case - Be sure the lens is forward and the screen is facing away from the view you are trying to capture. On the 1080p case, the button on the top left is the Power/Mode button. The button on the top right is the OK/Shutter button. The button on the right is the WiFi Indicator/Down button.